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Uploaded on May 17, 2024
Fleur and Amy sit down with Reem Ibrahim, a libertarian firebrand known for her vocal criticism of the NHS. With her sharp wit and unwavering convictions, Reem delves into the intricacies of her political philosophy, offering a thought-provoking perspective on individual liberty, the role of government, and the importance of free speech. From her journey towards libertarianism to her views on cultural conservatism and the housing crisis, this conversation is a must-listen for anyone seeking a nuanced exploration of contemporary political culture. To get the FULL, UNCENSORED episodes, go to
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Uploaded on May 10, 2024
In this thought-provoking episode, activist and commentator Lois McLatchie Miller joins Fleur and Amy to discuss the ongoing cultural battles surrounding abortion rights, women's roles, and the intersection of faith and public discourse. Drawing from her experiences advocating for life and religious freedom, Lois offers insightful perspectives on the upcoming UK vote on abortion amendments, the importance of upholding both women's and children's rights, and the need for a more nuanced understanding of womanhood beyond the "girl boss" narrative. With candid reflections on navigating controversial topics in the media and her work with ADF International, this conversation is a must-watch for anyone interested in these vital issues.
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Uploaded on May 3, 2024
Amy and Fleur talk to writer, commentator and photographer to Laura Dodsworth about her journey from photographing 100 vaginas to documenting the madness of the last four years. Along the way, they talk about the sexism afflicting Sound women in the media, why it's good to be patriotic, the scourge of taking one's own life, and the dangers of being stuck in the fear vortex. For the FULL, UNCENSORED podcast, subscribe now at
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Uploaded on April 26, 2024
Amy and Fleur speak to Amy Gallagher, SDP candidate for London Mayor, and anti-woke campaigner, currently suing the Tavistock clinic for discrimination after their demands that their staff adhere to critical race theory. For the FULL, UNCENSORED show, subscribe now at
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Uploaded on April 19, 2024
This week, Fleur and Amy headed to National Conservatism conference in Brussels, which the Belgian authorities tried to shut down! Featuring exclusive recordings from inside and outside the venue as the police besieged the conference. Also featuring: - Fleur interviewing Miriam Cates - Amy interviewing Ralph Schoellhammer - excerpts from Nigel Farage's speech - Amy and Fleur speaking to the organisers as the police entered the building Not to be missed!
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Uploaded on April 12, 2024
Amy and Fleur talk to one of the hottest young journalists today, GBNews US reporter Steven Edginton. Steven spent three years at The Telegraph producing documentaries and interviews for the paper, as well as reporting on the civil service's capture by woke ideologues, and, most famously, broke the story that led to the resignation of Lord Darroch, the British Ambassador in Washington. Before that he led the Brexit Party's online communications during the EU elections, and worked as a video producer and reporter at The Sun. This week's podcast was recorded live at the Hippodrome shortly before the Weekly Sceptic Live - if you'd like to keep abreast of all Based Media live events, be sure to subscribe at
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Uploaded on April 5, 2024
In episode 2 of Bombshells, Amy and Fleur talk to Eric Kaufmann, professor of politics at the University of Buckingham. Eric is the author of Rise and Fall of Anglo-America, Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? and Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities. He is a specialist in nationalism, populism and political and religious demography. They talk about: - Why he set up a new think - Why the Conservatives need Reform's votes to win - Why woman enforce woke orthodoxy over men - How political preferences affect dating -What demogroahic changes mean for politics in the west - What the voters think of Trudeau and the woke dictatorship in his native Canada To sign up to his 15 week remote learning course on the origins of Woke at the University of Buckingham, go to: If you would like to get in touch with the girls, or have an email read out on the show, contact us at To access the FULL, UNCENSORED version of this podcast, subscribe now at
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Uploaded on March 29, 2024
Amy and Fleur talk to Matt Goodwin about the New Elite, immigration, and how we can fight back.
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