About Based
Welcome to Based, the new podcasting platform created by Nick Dixon and Toby Young. This is where you can sign up for ad-free, extended versions of The Weekly Sceptic, the ability to comment on each episode, the opportunity to participate on monthly Zoom calls with Nick and Toby, free tickets to their live shows and the chance to have dinner with them. Go to our sign-up page to see what’s available in our different membership tiers.
The first podcast available on Based was The Weekly Sceptic, but we’ve now added Bombshells, in which Amy Sheppard and Fleur Elizabeth interview some of the most interesting, controversial figures in the culture war. That means if you become a premium subscriber, not only will you have access to the extended episodes of Nick and Toby’s podcast, but the premium content in Bombshells, too. And silver/gold subscribers will have an opportunity to ask Amy and Fleur anything they like in their monthly Zoom call. By the end of the year we hope to have at least half a dozen podcasts on the platform.
The podcasting charts are currently dominated by normie, centrist offerings like The Rest is Politics, many of them made by Gary Lineker’s company. The aim of Based is to create a platform for alternative voices that aren’t usually heard on the mainstream media.
Thanks in advance for supporting this platform.