Wraggs to Snitches
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83Wraggs to Snitches

The Weekly Sceptic

Uploaded on April 10, 2024

Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic episode 83 (recorded live at the Hippodrome) This week: -Will Wragg is praised for being 'brave' by Jeremy Hunt after sending intimate photos to a spear phisher and then, when blackmailed, handing over fellow MPs' phone numbers -The Tories issue a poster with the dubious claim that the UK is the second most powerful country in the world and prove this by including photos of an American jet and a Swiss ship -Angela Rayner is caught telling porkies to avoid capital gains tax and David Lammy's attempts to defend her make things exponentially worse -Toby is described in the Telegraph as a "Right-wing hate figure" in a surprisingly positive article -Plus everyone’s favourite section, Peak Woke, and premium content on www.basedmedia.org, which this week includes: -The Rock announces he won't be endorsing either Presidential candidate because he's too famous and doesn't want to influence the result -No Labels folds its tent, thereby giving Biden a much-needed boost -And in the Based Department, Nick nominates Angela Rayner's cushion for proving she was lying about the house she sold being her primary residence. 
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