5Amy Gallagher and the anti-woke revolution


Uploaded on April 26, 2024

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Amy and Fleur speak to Amy Gallagher, SDP candidate for London Mayor, and anti-woke campaigner, currently suing the Tavistock clinic for discrimination after their demands that their staff adhere to critical race theory. For the FULL, UNCENSORED show, subscribe now at Basedmedia.org
@John Tracey
moments ago...
Great interview, cheers
@Peter Lennon
moments ago...
You all speak brilliantly! Honest and real. Keep it up
@Stephen Wikner
moments ago...
What an uplifting conversation. If I were still living in London I'd definitely vote for Amy Gallagher (in today's) mayoral election. I can't because last year I moved out of London last year to avoid paying the extended ULEZ charge in my leafy NW London suburb. Of course I could have bought a new car but I object to being told by someone else when to sell a perfectly serviceable vehicle as an alternative to paying approximately £200 a month. So I exercised my (circumstantially privileged) freedom to move.